​Explanation of Guitar Conditions

Excellent: (90 - 100%) Little to no wear (hardly visible), minor pick wear, minor scratches or dings. Instrument plays well and may only need a setup. 

Average:  (80 - 89%) Shows typical playing wear with scratches dings, and dents throughout the body. Light to medium wear. Might have minor finish checking, missing pickguard,  slightly worn fingerboard, and minor fret wear is possible 

Low average: (70-79%) Shows heavy wear across instrument, can be heavily checked and cracked or missing finish, may need fret work or fingerboard replaced. Minor repairs are probable but instrument is still a good player and contain original pickups and few non serious alterations. 

Below average / Repaired : (60 - 69 %) Instrument has seen better days. May have bent tuning machines, cracks in wood (may have been repaired but visible), repairs may have been done to make it playable but may have been poorly done. Mismatched hardware, missing pieces, and non original pickups are all possible. Acoustic guitars may have top humps behind the bridge and loose braces that will need repaired etc. Instrument must be playable. 

Not playable: (59% and below) Guitar is simply in bad shape. Very poor repairs may have been made. The neck may be broken, the neck angle will probably need reset, extensive repairs to wood, electronics, and hardware will be necessary. May have missing parts etc.  Acoustic guitars may have loose, broken or missing braces, bridges pulling up or completely off. 


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